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Did you ever think that the number of water in this world is decrease day after day ?
Okay, maybe you’ll say that more than 70% earth contains of water, but this is kind of salty water. We can’t drink or wash something with it.
I’m talking about the fresh water, the water that comes from the rivers and the depth under the ground, saved by the trees.
The population increase every second, and this condition isn’t balance with the water supply. The experts estimated that If we’re not save the water right now, millions people will lack of water in the next ten years. The world commemorate March 22nd  every year as Water Day. So this is the right time to make any reflection, “ Have we really care with the water existence ?”
Now, look at our rivers! We’re faced in serious conditions. The rivers are full with garbage and industrial cesspool. The rivers are polluted. We have to be honest, our people still don’t have any attention with their environment. People just blame the nature when disasters come. Floods and landslides are happen every years because of us, and the solutions is back to ourselves, could we change our bad habbits?
Actually there’re so many ways that we can do to save the water. For a simple example, don’t forget to turn off the water faucet after we use it. Use the water wisely, don’t waste it in useless ways. The most important, don’t ever through the garbage in to the rivers, I’m begging you please ! 
The other way, we can plant some trees in front of our house. The roots will save the water that comes from the rain and keep it in the ground to prevent floods and landslides.
The answer now, Why do we have to care ? Because we are part of the ecosystem and the keeper of the nature. We live in here and depend on another creatures. So, we should give respect to the nature which has give us all we need.
There’s no other way, DO MORE TALK LESS. SAVE THE WATER !

Start from a simple thing
Start from ourself
Start right now !!!

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