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I believe that everyone has a dream. You and me and all of us. But as the time goes by, many dreams are becoming true and some of them are fail, just like the leaves that fell in the autumn.
However I’m kind a person that truly believe in a dream. I also believe that every dream are supposed to be real if we fighting for it. There’s nothing impossible in this world. The Newton’s postulat said, “… to every action, there’s always an equal and opposite or contrary reaction…” . So, if we try with all the best we could, and never give up on it, I’m sure the result will be equal with all that we’ve done.
The popular law of attraction which is explained by Rhonda Byrne in her book “The Secret” said, every little things that comes in to our life are attracted by our own self. And all that things are attracted to us because of our imagination we keep in our mind. By what we think. Then Rhonda said no matter who you are, or where ever you stand, the law of attraction structure our life experience, and this law work by our mind. Mind power, the power to see positive side for everything that happen, and the principle will lead us to our dream. Napoleon said that our brain is surrouded by a kind of magnets with a complex system, and the magnets will attract all of power, people, and condition that harmonious with our mind.
The point is about positive thinking. Believe that everything will be done just like we think. This positive thinking will spread positive energy that give us more power to face the difficult ways outside there, and finally guide us to our dream.
I realize that sometimes anything happen out of our expectations. But once again we have to keep positive thinking. We never know what is His plan for us. He never sleeps, He know, He heard, He watches all the things we’ve done. Sometimes He gave us hard rain and storm just to show us the beauty of rainbow. So, for every dreamer out of there, believe that you can be the way you want. Keep on fighting and spirit !!!

When you want it the most there’s no easy way out
When you ready to go and your heart left in doubt
Don’t give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that’s the way it is
- Celine Dion

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  1. mbak ros....ada lomba blog tuh. Hayukk ikutan !! liat infonya di blogku :D

  2. wah thanks atas infonya Bay, bentar lg mampir


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