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The Way I aM

It’s been 23 years … He gives me chance to breath...What a long journey. It’s not a quite short time to do something in this life. I realize, I’m just an ordinary person who keep on trying to be someone.
The times goes by, and we never could coming back to the past even sometimes we really want to, just for fix everything. Unfortunetly this is so impossible. All that we can do just face the future and learning from the past experiences. Sadness and happiness are part of our life. And no one said that life is easy. Too many frictions, too many choices and every choice has concequency, I know that.
And the choice had brought me here. Being “someone” who I wanted to be. Even sometimes I’m afraid, afraid that people cannot accept me the way I am. But I cannot escape forever right ? I see if I wear a mask maybe I can fool the world, but I cannot fool my heart. I realize that running isn’t the solution and I don’ t want to be a loser anymore. I must be strong, I must be brave, coz there’s nothing wrong here. This is me, my Mom and Dad’s daughter.
I beg for apologize to all my brothers and sisters who felt that I have disappoint them because I’ve choose my own way. And you don’t have to question me about my faith because only Allah SWT, The One who knows what is deep down my heart.

(presented to my beloved sisters : SGM without JunioR, Diciprati, and DiVi my big “uteng”)

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  1. Tentang kehidupan...
    Bahasan yang tak akan pernah jauh dari diri kita. Semua hal yang terjadi didalamnya adalah skenario besar Sang Maha Hidup... Bukan untuk diprotes, diratapi, dicari-cari kesalahan, apalagi dicarikan pembenaran, krn semuanya bagian dari diri, yang tak akan pernah lepas walau sampai mati nanti... Tinggal bagaimana disyukuri, dinikmati dan berbuat lebih baik...

    Enjoy ur choice dear...
    Allah be wiht u, Always...
    Loph u...

  2. Haloo jeng rossi, piye, masih ketagihan ngeblog terus kan, harus gitu...hahahaha...

    Eh ya kapan ni ngenet bareng...


  4. thank you for all the time that you've given. those are joyful moments We have passed. it is magnificent to known you as my friend, my sister and my partner. Hope we could be better in friendship and business, Hope we'll be brothers in arms 4ever. BITA


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